Tomei 2.8L stroker | 570hp | V Spec

Na ebay se momentálně draží Sky který mi doslova vyrazil dech. Popis aukce a fotky tak 1:1 zkopítuji, krom pár prodejních keců, protože není moc co dodávat.

With its menacing circuit style stance this GTR was tuned by PX Engineering (PX Yamasaki Engineering, more information below) with the intent to be a precision instrument capable of eclipsing challengers in multiple realms of performance motoring. To achieve this the vehicle has been fitted with a built RB26 from the BNR34 producing 570hp with a rev limit of 9100rpm, stopping power from an Endless BBK at all four corners, and a set of Quantum coilover with external reservoirs. However that is not the only song it can sing, the driveability of the vehicle is still well maintained keeping climate control, the majority of the front interior, a cage that is safe yet not too intrusive, and being fitted with the 6-speed transmission from the BNR34. The culmination of the two sides results in a vehicle that exemplifies what we admire so much about Japanese tuned vehicles, the ability to commence battle then drive comfortably to dinner without skipping a beat. Balance.

There are a scattering of exterior modifications such as the N1 headlights, N1 bumper ducts, N1 bonnet lip, a Voltex GT wing, a JTCC/ Group A style side exit exhaust, and the always welcomed Volk TE37 wheels wrapped in new Falken RT615K tires; this results in the aggressive street presence the vehicle possesses. Moving to the cockpit you are greeted with a Recaro RS-G bucket seat with Sabelt harness for the driver and a stock passenger seat, the drivers controls are supplied via a Momo steering wheel, and a factory R34 GTR shift knob. In place of the factory 180km/h speedometer a Nismo 320km/h one has been fitted. All interior lights have been replaced with white led lights that add a great look to the interior at night.

Mr.Yamasaki was and still is a Mid Night member, including when this car was built. His builds always consisted of a very “grip” style used for the street as you will see in the linked video below. Thirty plus years of circuit and street experience relayed into his finely tuned machinery that always consisted of factory mounted twin turbos and full range of power through the rev range. Being a customer and predecessor of MOVE tuning he was part of their “boost up” theory in which the R33 was tuned with only bolt ons and cooling upgrades and could maintain speeds of 300km/h around Yatabe test course lap after lap.

BNR34 N1 Head & Block
Tomei 86mm forged pistons
Tomei H beam connecting rods
Tomei 2.8L 73.7 stroke forged fully counterbalanced crank
Nismo main and rod bearings
NAPREC port and polished intake and exhaust headwork
NAPREC brass valve guides
HKS Valve springs
Tomei PRO Cam 270
Trust T517Z turbines
Tomei Exhaust Manifolds
Auto Select front pipe
Custom Side exit exhaust
HKS maf-less intakes
Trust blowoff valve
PX Eng. turbo outlet piping
ARC 3-layer intercooler
HKS intercooler piping
Nismo oil pan baffle
UMEDA reinforced oil pump
Nismo engine mounts
BNR34 Ignition coils and harness
BNR34 crank angle sensor
Auto Select Catch oil can

BNR34 6-speed GETRAG
BNR34 F&R differential
Exedy twin disc clutch
BNR34 front and rear differential
Nismo front and rear LSD
Trust large capacity front diff cover
Nismo transmission mount

Sard fuel surge tank with twin tomei fuel pumps
Tomei in tank pump
Sard Fuel pressure regulator
Sard 800cc injectors
Trust Fuel Rail

Trust Oil cooler
ARC coolant swirl-pot
Takeda Auto triple pass radiator

Suspension & Chassis
Quantum 2-way coilovers with external reservoirs
Adjustable front upper control arms
Adjustable front tension rods
Adjustable rear arm
Solid rear subframe mounts
Reinforced welded rear subframe
Cusco 9-point rollcage
Auto Select front strut tower brace
Cusco rear strut tower brace

Endless 6 piston caliper / 370mm floating rotors front
Endless 4 piston caliper / 355mm floating rotors rear
Auto Select master cylinder
BNR34 ABS system

N1 genuine bonnet lip
N1 bumper ducts
Kansei Service front diffuser
N1 headlights
Voltex GT wing
18×10.5 +15 OG Volk racing TE37
New 265/35r18 Falken Rt615k tires

Recaro RS-G RS-GK
Sabelt 4 point harness
Cusco 9 point rollcage
Trust Profec E-01 boost controller
HKS water and coolant temp gauges
Greddy Boost gauge
HKS Circuit Attack Counter
Momo F1 concept 350mm steering wheel
Nismo 320km/h speedometer

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