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Jelikož jsou zítra Vánoce a na Shirtstuckedin facebooku jsme narazil na skvělý fotky Caseyho závoďáku, rozhodl jsem se pomocí překladače přepsat pár odstavců z Doritenu, který vyšel těsně před KAS2022. Nakonec jsem na to byl ale moc línej a níže naleznete “pouze” neupravený překlad nezajímavějších částí článku přímo z google translate.


SR20 modified 2.1 liter!
Casey is proud of the marine blue and purple N-style color engine room painted by Mr. Nakamura. The engine is a 2.1-liter specification with HKS forged pistons and connecting rods, and the coupling fan is for BC NR33 with increased capacity. However, the middle-mounted intercooler and central oil cooler of Meihan specifications make it difficult for the running wind to hit, and the water temperature rises to 92 degrees in a few laps, which is dangerous.


Casey is usually aiming for second hand parts, but only the GT3037 turbine and HKS exhaust manifold and wastegate were found new 23 years ago on Yahoo auction. Recently, it has been changed to 56T and powered up to 495 horsepower. Around the strut tower, the number of spots has been increased both before and after. In addition, a large amount of flakes is blown on the wiper cowl, which is painted black like a cloud.


The rear member has been reinforced and rigid since the vehicle was purchased. The upper is Cusco (probably), and the manufacturer of the traction rod is unknown. The differential is Nismo GT 1.5way and the final is 4.6. In addition, the R34 type M mission is diverted. In the front, it is a combination of a name-limited number with a stance coilover and an N-style knuckle. The S14 genuine lower arm and 50mm Wightley upper mount are adjusted to maximize the camber to increase the steering angle. It has been reinforced around the strut, increasing the number of spots on the first member, and preventing cracks in the tire house.


The rear is a full-fledged pipe frame! Because of the Meihan specification that easily breaks the rear, the rear is made into a rigid pipe frame. A genuine Esse small fuel tank (the pump is Sado 265ℓ) and a GP sports water spray tank are fixed to the overhang. With a total of 40 liters of ballast, it seems that the traction is quite effective. Refueling takes too long, the aluminum pipe (filler cap is Kinokuni) added to match the genuine Elbow has a small diameter and does not have a breather, so gasoline can easily blow back during refueling. When I refueled for the first time, my whole body was covered with gasoline… It’s dangerous if you don’t pour in little by little, so it takes 20 minutes to fill up with 30 liters. Even though I was helped by my friend Mace, the gasoline was blowing back and there was a big fuss that day.

The support of the bumper welded to the pipe is the side stay of the seat rail. Takuzo Yokota, who passed by during the interview, said, “That is N style.”


Coordinate the interior with our own products!
Belt pads, bucket seat supports, racing gloves, etc. are Shirtstuckedin, in other words, in-house products. Nardi-based original steering wheels and bucket seats were also on sale, but for some reason they used normal Nardi Competition and BRIDE seats. The roll cage was installed when the vehicle was purchased, so the manufacturer is unknown. If you look closely, you can see that the crossbar is fixed with bolts, which seems to have been made by the previous owner.


Casey first came to Japan 12 years ago, covering D1 Street Legal as a photographer for Speedhunters. I admired Nakamura-kun, who won the championship that season, and since then, I have visited Meihan and N-Style at a pace of six times a year. There is an image of a runner coming to Japan from Australia and participating in the Ebisu drift festival, but Casey is only interested in Meihan. I chose a difficult circuit.” Even if super-experts called Meihan Meisters continue to run for 20 years, they still feel nervous about running at full throttle. It was normal until Casey admired Nakamura-kun, who was fascinated by his overwhelming driving performance. Influenced by that, he moved to Japan in 2019 and became a citizen of Nara Prefecture, and for a while lived in the N-style company building (the building did not apply for housing, so he was advised to leave the city and now lives in Kashihara City. Casey, who is such a deep “Naoki maniac,” said, “I want to win the Kansai All-Star Championship just once. Am I the best foreigner who has driven a Silvia, along with Shane.”

Yes!” This year’s Nara preliminaries are the second time he has passed first place, and he will be marked by the Meihan meisters. The real thing is after the deadline for this month’s issue, so I don’t know at this point, but… Will Casey be the first foreigner to win?

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